2021 KTM Now


The KTM Grand Tour Year! 

For the first time in the history of KTM Bike Industries, 2 Team will Start on 2 of the 3 Grand Tours. 
B&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM will start at the Tour de France, Vini Zabu KTM on the Giro d'Italia.


Generation change in the management...

Owner Carol Urkauf-Chen moves to the supervisory board and hands over the helm to her daughter Johanna Urkauf.

Franz Leingartner goes into well-deserved retirement after 45 years with the company. 

Johanna Urkauf and Stefan Limbrunner act as managing directors of KTM Fahrrad GmbH.


There's something big coming...

Presentation of the first electric mountain bike, the Energo Race. From an idea and a small number of pieces, a big series was born.

After initial scepticism, the Energo Race received a very good and gread response.


A new Headquarter...

The new KTM Bike Industries HQ, equipped with the latest technology, is opened. 

The 2340m² building offers space for 50 employees and a large showroom.


New material and PDS system...

First bikes with full carbon frame is launched. 

Furthermore the first bike with PDS system is produced, the Prowler AT1.


Image change...

An important step in the history of the company, KTM becomes orange!


New frame, first eBike...

New material, KTM produces bicycles with aluminium frames for the first time.

Also the first electric bike for the Austrian Automobile Club ÖAMTC is produced.


The first one is done...

In the production the 1.000.000 bicycle is counted.


The future of the bicycle industries...

The future of the bicycle world reaches the company with the production of the first mountain bike, the Ultra Cross 1988.


The first KTM Roadbike...

The first amateur racing bike from the company, the Formula S, is produced for the technically demanding driver.


The beginning of KTM Bike Industries...

KTM is producing its first bicycles, the Fleetwing is produced and launched in the USA. The company already had about 220 employees at that time.


Where everything started...

Hans Trunkenpolz opens a mechanical workshop in Mattighofen, Austria.