Bike technologies have changed enormously and the progress has been significant especially in the last decade. As the decades have past KTM finally became a manufacturer that covers the whole range of bikes. But one thing has never changed: KTM still builds bikes at its base in Mattighofen awarding the badge - Made in Austria.

Drive Systems


Circular Powerflow

The heart of the PTS frame is the CIRCULAR-POWER-FLOW-CONSTRUCTION (CPF) with it's chain stays, running directly into the maintube. The mechanical force flow is closed by the drop-forged motor cover which gives the frame extraordinary stability.


The Boost Standard increases stiffness and allows a very efficient and precise handling of the bike. The wider hub makes it possible to build more robust wheels.


The DiMMiX (Dimensions Mix) technology combines the advantages of riding a precise, stable 29" front wheel with a traction-rich manoeuvrable 27,5" PLUS wheel at the back.


To meet the high demands of our riders, the Flatmount Disc Mounting is the ideal technology with a slim and elegant design.

Gravity Casting

By using the Gravity Casting technology high stressed alloy cast parts get achieved. Precisely designed parts achieve great options for integrating the complete electric drive unit.


First easy to use solution for equipping offroad-ebikes with safety features like light, fender, carrier without huge effort. Ease of use in adding carrier, light and mud-fender for prepared offroad frames ready for LFC.

Light Link

The KTM Light Link offers you the possibility to equip your E-Bike with a proper light solution. Therefore all KTM E-Bikes with light link are already prepared with the light link cable connection to the battery. Thus it takes only a couple of minutes to install a light.

Monocoque Casting

With this technology, the whole battery-engine-fixation is literally produced in one whole piece. Unattractive welds disappear and what remains is just a weight optimized frame. This technology is used for all Bosch CX engine bikes with undercover frame.

Straight Line Link

The direct force application to the suspension reduces loads on the bearings and the frame. Coupled with the low transmission ratio, the rear end is very supple and can be perfectly adapted to the weight of the rider. SLL is also optimized for longer travel (SLL-LT)

Thru Axle

The larger diameter axle and the improved fork legs contact result in a higher stiffness as well as improved steering precision and characteristics.

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