Kickoff on the New Era of Light E-Bikes

The new Macina SX product line is an addition to the proven KTM e-bike program and revolutionizes the riding experience on electric bicycles in terms of lightness and agility. With a sleek frame design and the new BOSCH Performance Line SX Drive Unit, the Macina SX models represent our commitment to innovation and the pursuit of new limits. This range combines sportiness with elegance. Macina SX also embodies a perfect balance between lightweight and impressive, natural power. These models also consistently feature KTM's own innovation, the POWER TUBE TOP LOADER (PTTL), for user-friendly battery handling. The CompactTube 400WH battery can be removed from the frame at the top of the tube on all models. The simple process of removal and reinsertion invites you to have a second battery with you for long tours. For this purpose, we provide clever accessories solutions: both the "Sport Trunk Bag" saddlebag and the "Battery Board" for the backpack are specifically designed for storing a spare battery. Another option to increase the range is the BOSCH PowerMore Range Extender with 250 WH. It can be mounted directly on the battery cover of the KTM SX models, and the position of the charging port has been specifically adapted for it. Additionally, an integrated lock provides theft protection.

The concept of light e-bikes extends across the product categories of MTB Fully, MTB Hardtail, MTB Kids, Gravel, Road, Trekking Onroad, and Trekking Offroad. Slim carbon and aluminum frames are used in these models. Special emphasis has been placed on a dynamic and elegant design. Whether in the high-end sports segment or urban cruising, the SX models pave the way into a new era of electric cycling.


Bosch Performance Line SX

Start pedalling and immediately feel the sensitive support. Extremely quiet and super natural, the new Performance Line SX combines the riding sensation of conventional cycling with the advantages of eBiking. Around 2 kilograms: The Performance Line SX is our lightest drive with the highest power density. It reduces the total weight of your eBike, delivers greater agility and is ideal for fans of a sporty riding style. In addition, the compact drive unit disappears elegantly into the crank area of the frame. When riding in a sporty style with a high cadence, it supports you disproportionately to your performance with peaks of up to 600 watts of motor power. The CompactTube 400 battery, with 400 watt hours at just around 2 kilos, it's a real energy champion. KTM's POWER TUBE TOP LOADER (PTTL) technology also enables uncomplicated removing and reinsertion on models with the new Performance Line SX. The simple process invites you to have a second battery with you for the long tour.

Range Extender Power More 250

Portable energy reserve: PowerMore 250 is an extra 250 WH battery the size of a bottle for even more range and longer-lasting trail fun. This Range Extender can be mounted directly on the battery cover of the KTM SX models. The position of the charging socket has been specially adapted to this. In addition, an integrated lock protects against theft.

System Controller & Mini Remote

Reduced to the essentials and integrated into the top tube, the System Controller is the clean control unit for eBikes with the smart system. Additionally, the Mini Remote can be easily retrofitted to the System Controller and mounted on the handlebar.

Purion 200

The Purion 200 all-in-one solution ensures an uncluttered handlebar, is in close proximity to the thumb and offers a razor-sharp display of ride data as well as simple, ergonomic control of all eBike functions.